Boban Markovic Orkestar feat. Marko   Markovic

The best Balkan brass accordion orchestra in the world!"


Saturday 09.11.2019, 7.30 p.m., Saalekiez


presale: 15€ / discounted 11,50€

box office: 18€ / discounted 13€



At the age of 10, Boban Markovich began playing in concerts and weddings with his father's orchestra, became a permanent member of the band shortly afterwards, and finally founded his own orchestra at the age of 20. Boban Markovic was thus ready to take part in the Guca Festival, a small town in central Serbia with only 3,000 inhabitants. There is no greater honour for musicians than to win the "first trumpet" of the Guca Festival. Boban took part in the competition for the first time in 1984. In Meanwhile he has won in Guca so often that he himself withdrew from the competition, and in 2006 he is considered the official ambassador of the competition: from now on he presents the prizes and plays exclusive special concerts.


He played the film music for Emir Kustorica and Goran Bregovic productions and was the only trumpet player to be named to the list of the 50 best instrumentalists in the world by SongLines magazine. Look forward to the Boban Markovic Orkestar - back on the road in the legendary line-up with his son Marko Markovic. Worldwide celebrated stars of the Balkan (accordion) Brass! Those who remain seated at this concert are to blame themselves.


Boban Markovic: trumpet, vocals

Marko Markovic: trumpet, vocals

Djordje Davidovic: accordion

Ivan Pavlovic: trumpet

Zhivorad Dimitrijevski: saxophone

Boban Demirovic: tenor horn

Miroslav Sejdic: tenor horn

Goran Spasic: tenor horn

Stefan Petrovic: tuba

Djavid Demirovski: snare

Danijel Jovic: tapan

Alexander Stosic: percussion


Saalekiez | Saaleweg 8 | 06198 Brachwitz

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