Charlie Chaplins "The Gold Rush"

„Live music by Salon Pernod“


Sunday 03.11.2018, 11 am, family showing*

Tuesday 05.11.2018 7.30 pm, Luchskino


box office: 10€ / discounted 7€

*family showing

 parents accompanied by children (up to 12 years): 5€

 children (from 6 to 12 years): 5€

 others: 10€ /discounted 7€



Towards the end of the 19th century, the prospect of sudden wealth lured people to the cold north of America. Torn by an economic crisis and attracted by adventure, many set off for the new Eldorado. Far away from the mass of stubborn prospectors, a lonely gold seeker in the shape of the tramp Charlie (Charlie Chaplin) tries his luck, of course despite the icy temperatures in the legendary outfit with walking stick and melon. One of the most famous scenes: Carefully fried like a precious steak, the Tramp Charlie eats his own boot for lack of other food. With his significant, grandiose slapstick he bravely fights his way through the impassability of the snow-covered mountains.


Live music with own compositions for the film by Salon Pernod.


Suitable for children over 6 years.


Thomas Wittenbecher: accordion

Patrick Zörner: guitar


Luchskino | Seebener Str. 172 | 06114 Halle

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(0345) 5110 777





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