Frank Grischek

„The main thing is that we're together"


Wednesday 06.11.2019, 7.30 p.m., Phonokel


free entrance within Akkordeonrallye

Foto: Grischek Fotografie

With impeccably entertaining facial expressions and manoeuvrable wit, Grischek confidently tells of life in the midst of a society in which 80 million people listen to music and 3.1 million make music themselves. In a self-experiment he has calculated: About 73% of Germans know little more about the accordion than that it is the instrument with the most wrinkles worldwide. 2 million people of yesterday consider accordion and Musikantenstadl to be inseparably connected. And over 13% of young people do not even know that an accordion is a musical instrument and not a radiator.


Far away from "folksy" tradition, Grischek offers a virtuoso and at the same time entertaining accordion evening. Musically at home in Argentinian tango and French musette, in classical as well as folk music, he presents many original compositions, but also well-known pieces, and in between brings autobiographical and socially relevant themes to the fore with great pleasure. Topics that could change the world. At least for accordionists.


Phonokel | Große Brunnenstr. 20 | 06114 Halle

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