Rebekka Bakken

Things you leave behind“


Wednesday 30.10.2019, 8 p.m., Steintor Halle


presale & box office: 40,65€ - 30,75€



Fotos: Andreas H Bitesnich

In a formation, put together especially for the global music festival - akkordeon akut!, she repeats the invitation to the festival 2016 with her new program: Things you leave behind - Rebekka Bakken has made an album about that.


With her three-octave voice, Bakken writes and sings out of deep conviction, without inhibitions or inner censorship, instinctively and openly - which is perhaps the reason why listeners immediately feel addressed and understood by her lyrics. Her albums and concerts are like journeys where you never know exactly what's waiting for you around the next corner. "I have my own style and I go deeper and deeper into my world, a never-ending journey..." 


And on this journey she is not only accompany her regular musicians, but also Espen Leite on accordion, the Norwegian who effortlessly moves between tango, contemporary music and Balkan pop.


Rebekka Bakken: piano, vocals

Rune Arnesen: drums

Espen Leite: accordion


Steintor | Am Steintor 10 | 06112 Halle

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