Yegor Zabelov | Artemi Kalinin

"Moby Dick - an audio-visual-tactile performance"


Sunday 03.11.2019, 6 p.m., Stadtbad Halle


presale: 12,50€ / discounted 8€

box office: 15 € / discounted 10€



Who doesn't know the story of Moby Dick and Captain Ahab, the parable of society, power, good and evil.


Inspired by the Old Testament, Shakespeare's works and whaling experiences, Melville writes more than an adventure novel about the struggle between a man and the white whale in 1851.


Spectacularly filmed in the 1950s by John Huston, individual film sequences from Moby Dick are mixed live into a video collage and set to music by Yegor Zabelov, currently the most innovative accordionist on the Belarusian off-music scene. His play: an improvisation of avant-garde, rock, minimal music and classical sounds that interpret and transport the selected sequences of the film.


Which venue would be better suited for such a performance than the unique ambiance of the historic Stadtbad Halle: experiencing the hunt between Moby Dick and Captain Ahab out of the water? Pack your bathing clothes!*


Yegor Zabelov: Accordion

Artemi Kalinin: Visual Jockey


*For those who don't want to be in the water or only want to be partially in the water: Of course there are also chairs available. Please note the increased humidity and temperature in the indoor swimming pool. Overshoes for street shoes are available on site.


Stadtbad Halle | Schimmelstraße 1 | 06108 Halle

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