Axel Pätz



Wednesday 07.11.2018, 7.30 pm, Phonokel


pre-sale: 14€ / discounted 11,50€

box-office: 15€  / discounted 12€




After the catastrophe has happened and Axel Pätz has to fetch his mobile phone out of the toilet, waiting for the resurrection of his lost data he suddenly has time to think about himself, about the others and about the world.


Is the most sustainable invention of mankind just the provisional? Is thinking in stereotypes a guarantor of world order? Is it possible to start a revolution comfortably from home? Does fishing save your mind? And is the former lover, after burying her in the garden, a weed - Ex?


There is no theory at work here but music cabaret at its best: subtle, evil, satirical.



Axel Pätz: voc, piano, accordion


Phonokel | Große Brunnenstr. 20 | 06114 Halle

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(0345) 5110 777





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