Dino Saluzzi Group (englisch)

„Il valle de la infancia“


Saturday 03.11.2018, 7.30 pm, Puschkinhaus


pre-sale: 17€ / discounted 11,50€

box-office: 18€  / discounted 13€



Dino Saluzzi is considered the "inventor" of the Tango Libre, who enriched it around elements of jazz. This music captures the vibrant life in Buenos Aires, but has its roots in the rural north. This concert leads Saluzzi back to the roots, in multiple ways: in the current program "El valle de la infacia - Valley of Childhood", together with his family, resurrects melodies and mythical figures from their northern Argentinian homeland.


Moreover, the grandmaster of the bandoneon will not be appearing in Halle for the first time.  Older music lovers will remember a legendary evening in the mid-1980s: The "Saluzzi Family" performed in the student club Moritzburg and gave an acclaimed, about four hours lasting concert. Spontaneously, Saluzzi offered to perform again at the following evening - which, despite all the administrative confusion, succeeded. Saluzzi also has these evenings in best memory and is looking forward to another performance in Halle.


Timoteo „Dino“ Saluzzi: bandoneon
José María Saluzzi: guitar
Félix “Cuchara” Saluzzi: tenor sax, clarinet
Matías Saluzzi: double bass, bass
U.T. Gandhi: drums


Puschkinhaus | Kardinal-Albrecht- Str. 6 | 06108 Halle

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