FreitagNacht! - goes Switzerland

„3 bands | 1 movie | 1 dance class | 1 price“


Friday 01.11.2018, 6 pm, Neues Theater


pre-sale: 25,00€ / discounted 20,30€

box-office: 30€  / discounted 25€



The Friday night is already an integral part of the akkordeon akut! Festival – an innovation this year: it takes place for the first time at Neues Theater Halle. But as usual, there are invited three bands, there is possibility to dance (including a beginners course for those who have not yet hit the dance floor ) 1 movie and a bar. Two of the evening's bands come from Switzerland (guest land in 2018): Christian Zehnder & Pflanzplätz. Unique and unmistakable they show the creativity of the swiss music scene: flying high and acting down to earth at the same time? No problem for these artists. But there are also Kroke from Poland. The Grand Masters of Polish Ethnojazz present their program "Traveler" for the 25th anniversary of the band.



Come, discover and enjoy - at a friendly standard price!



Neues Theater | Große Ulrichstr. 51 | 06108 Halle


Join us on






(0345) 5110 777





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