Christian Zehnder

„Songs from new space mountain“


Friday 02.11.2018, 7.30 pm, Neues Theater


part of FreitagNacht!



Fotos: Thomas Radlwimmer

The singer and "alpine jazzer" Christian Zehnder is blessed with a sonorous chest voice and an extraterrestrially light overtone voice. "[...] Few people in the western world have mastered this art of singing." [Badische Zeitung, 20 March 2017).


Zehnder, the vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and wild creative in general, celebrates his solo programme as a cross-section of the pieces of the last 25 years, arranged with organ pipes, body percussion, electronics, milk cans, prepared diving goggles and clearly: accordion or Schwyzerörgeli! In this way he combines archaic natural sounds with contemporary sound architectures ranging from abysmal demonic dreams to a lively, cheerful (mountain) idyll. Zehnder is a master of his trade, an eloquent narrator without words, a one-man musical theatre.


Christian Zehnder solo


Neues Theater | Große Ulrichstr. 51 | 06108 Halle

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