„traveler - for the 25 aniversary of Kroke“


Friday 02.11.2018, 10 pm, Neues Theater


part of FreitagNacht!



Fotos: Jacek Dylak

Initially, Kroke played in clubs in the district Kazimierz (Krakow). During the making of "Schindler's List", Steven Spielberg became aware of the band and spontaneously invited Kroke to a concert in Israel.  Meanwhile they performed throughout Europe, together with Ravi Shankar, Nigel Kennedy, The Klezmatics, Van Morrison or Giora Feidman. 13 albums are published, which made Kroke enormously popular -  especially in Germany and Poland.


The new album "TRAVELER", which is released for the 25th anniversary of the band, deals with the innumerable travels that KROKE have made: Roma and Gypsi music from the Balkans, goral tunes from southern Poland, jazzy sounds from Scandinavia or Greece to Country sounds from America. Nevertheless, their sound remains unique, not the least because of the vocal sound of Tomasz Kukurba.



Tomasz Kukurba: violin, viola, vocals, percussion and more

Tomasz Lato: double bass

Jerzy Bawoł: accordion


Neues Theater | Große Ulrichstr. 51 | 06108 Halle

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(0345) 5110 777





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