„querbeet - the other swiss folk music“


Friday 02.11.2018, 8.50 pm, Neues Theater


part of FreitagNacht!



Foto: Janosch Hugi

The three musicians of Pflanzplätz have learned traditional Swiss folk music in the cradle. The Schwyzerörgeli (a subspecies of a diatonic accordion) was part of anyone’s family tradition. Still today you can see at least four of these "Örgelis" on stage - in addition to guitar, percussion, trümpi or harmonium. Based on this traditional folk, Pflanzplätz are keen enough to exceed it. The nowadays influences include jazz, rock and pop as well as Irish or French elements. This diversity of visual and acoustic impressions turn a concert with Pflanzplätz to a very special event. And because they are that diverse they play twice at this Friday evening! Once concertante and the second time focused on traditional dance music from 23:15 in the Schaufenster of the venue.


Thomas Aeschbacher: Schwyzerörgeli, guitar, cajon, piano, vocals

Jürg Nietlispach: double bass, guitar, trumps, vocals

Simon Dettwiler: Schwyzerörgeli, vocals


Neues Theater | Große Ulrichstr. 51 | 06108 Halle

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(0345) 5110 77





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