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Thursday 01.11.2018 to Sunday 04.11.2015, Marktplatz Halle (11.a.m -2 p.m. & 3 - 6 p.m.)


fare: 1,00€ / discounted 0,50€

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Fotos: Andre Wirsing und Ulrich Wessollek

The carousel built by Roger Burnes as a work of art is driven entirely without electricity -  only by the artistry of Georg Traber. He invites young and old to embark on a short journey out of time and everyday life. Rumor has it that not only the carousel spins, but in the opposite direction the whole world around it. In the middle the musicians of the Duo Draak give the project an inner atmosphere with mazurkas, tangos or tarantelles - Georg, the comedian, artist and great improviser is the courier to the world outside.


In the afternoon with families or in the evening with mostly adult audience: Karruzik fascinates with its authentic and sociable concept. The proximity to the musicians and the personal care by the operator create an atmosphere somewhere between theater, concert and poetic happening. Be sure to try!


Georg Traber: artistry
Anne Sylvie Casgrande: accordion, wheel-fiddle, vocals, composition
Yveline Schwab: violin, vocals



Marktplatz | 06108 Halle

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