Der Verdingbub (movie, CH 2011)

„Director: Markus Imboden. With Max Hubacher, Katja Riemann, Stefan Kurt, Lisa Brand ... 109 Min“


Thursday 01.11.2018, 7pm, Zazie Kino


free entrance within Akkordeonrallye

It´s the story of the orphan Max. When the farmer family Bösiger hires him, he believes his biggest dream comes true and he becomes part of a "real family". But instead of love, he only experiences humiliation and is exploited like a workhorse.


The hand organ game is the only thing that nobody can take from him. As a new teacher from the city recognizes his musical talent, Max can even play at the local festival in front of the entire community. The luck, however, is short-lived.



Zazie | Kleine Ulrichstr. 22 | 06108 Halle

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