The Greenhorns

„Finest Irish Folk & Pub Music“


Thursday 01.11.2018, 8 pm, Altes Postamt


free entrance within Akkordeonrallye

THE GREENHORNS - Singing, clapping, dancing, drinking - join the high spirits of Ireland spread by that band!


Four German boys coming out of different musical styles - therefore the name THE GREENHORNS - take you on a musical trip across the Green Island.


From dreamily ballads over famous traditional pub songs through to The Greenhorns' own songs - best entertainment is offered to the audience.


Paddy guides the audience through the varied programme and offers witty anecdotes from his time over in Ireland with plenty charm and humour. No eye remains dry, no bum remains still on its chair and no vocal cord remains silent - a joyful event that stays in mind!


Altes Postamt | Bernburger Str. 25a | 06108 Halle

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