Johannes Münzner | Focus Bohlenstube             

„Phil_Harmonika. From Haendel to Tango“


Sunday 04.11.2018, 11 am, Händel-Haus


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Fotos: Evelyne Maier und Franz Svoboda


The accordion has passed an enormous metamorphosis since its invention in Vienna in 1829. It's actually an unbelievable story, from the classical side instrument to a solo instrument in many concert halls across the globe. However, this diversity of possibilities is still only apparent to a very small audience today.


Johannes Münzner studied "classical accordion" at the Franz Schubert Conservatory in Vienna. In his concerts, he always places emphasis on the multifaceted presentation of the bayan, as a special Russian construction of this instrument with buttons on both sides. Thus, this instrument sounds in a play of J.S. Bach like an organ or like a horn quartet in a slow movement by Mozart. Transcriptions are almost mandatory for any accordionist due to the very modest age of the instrument. However, more and more original compositions are written, which show an enormous range of musical content - demonstrated and explained by Johannes Münzner.


Händel-Haus | Große Nikolaistr. 5 | 06108 Halle


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