Andreas Rebers (D)



Foto: Janine Guldener
Foto: Janine Guldener

Puschkinhaus | 19.09.2017 | 7.30 p.m. | auditorium

Celebrated by the press as a verbal demolition pear, Andreas Rebers conjures up bitter-headed pointers with his "workers songs". Together with Urban Priol, Bruno Jonas or Georg Schramm, he makes the cabaret and TV stages in the country unsafe. "Amen" is the extract from many years of community work, current studies and peaceful ecumenism from Munich via Vienna to Baghdad.

Rebers sits down with illuminating black painting and holy anger against Religious dogmas, dumbness and political manipulation. In a time when we can no longer be aware of lies, hatred and fear ,in which we are asked to put our crosses for election, Reverend Rebers holds us his ultimate service. In addition, there are danceable critiques of capitalism with Mrs Refugee, Mrs Hammer and guests from long gone times.

Puschkinhaus | Kardinal-Albrecht-Str. 6 | 06108 Halle