Danceworkshop Bal Folk for beginners

„In cooperation with Rosentanz Halle“

Foto: Katrin Lena Schneider
Foto: Katrin Lena Schneider

Puschkinhaus | 15.09.2017 | 8.40 p.m. and 10.20 p.m. | Puschkinsaal

within FreitagNacht!

Folk dance is uncool? Not even close! In recent years the BalFolk scene has become a real alternative to the disco. The reasons for success: The basic steps are easy to learn, it is often danced to live music and the special atmosphere is characterized by joy of dancing, socializing, music and fun.

The dances at Bal Folk are mainly couple dances, in which the partners often change. No dance partner has to be brought along. In the course of a dance evening, you will be able to meet new people in a pleasant way. Basic dances at BalFolk are Mazurka, Bourreé, Scottish and Waltz. Likewise a Chapelloise and a Cercle Circassien may not be missing.


The first part of the workshop serves to learn basic steps - the second one is dancing. If you have found a taste you can ask the dancing instructors of the Gehupft wie Gesprungen e.V. dance group for regular dates.

The music is played by Trio Rosentanz.



Toralf Friesecke - accordion

Susann Stephan - clarinet

Roman Scholz – guitar

Puschkinhaus | Kardinal-Albrecht-Str. 6 | 06108 Halle