Bella Ciao (IT)

„50 + 3 years of Italian Folkrevival“


Foto: Frederic de Faverney
Foto: Frederic de Faverney

Opera house Halle | 21.09.2017 | 7.30 p.m.

"Bella Ciao" - every child knows the famous partisan song. Originally "Bella Ciao" was a protest song about the exploitation of the hobos in the Italian Po Valley. Both versions became known through Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano. The group made "Bella Ciao" the title song of their cycle of work, resistance and love songs. The premiere took place in 1964 in Spoleto during the Festival Dei Due Mondi – much to the dismay of the conservative bourgeoisie: "I have not paid a thousand lire to hear my servant girl." "I have three hundred farmhands, and no one is sleeping in the stable" were the upset reactions when "E Per La Strada" with the verse "I would not die in the stable" was sung.


Unapproved there was sung the stanza, "treacherous officers, you wanted the war / slaughterer" of the anti-war song "Gorizia" and suddenly the situation escalated. Officers and prominent citizens rose and cried, "Long live Italy, hurrah for the officers!" The people from the balcony  intonated "Bandiera Rossa", which was answered with "Facetta Nera", the Fascist anthem. Fellini could not have written a better script. The artistic director of the festival, resigned the same evening. The singer of the controversial verse was accused by the armed forces of treason.

This new edition of the old partisan and working-class  songs has not only retained their expressiveness, but  also the message of freedom, peace and civil rights. In today's globalized world, quite an actual content. BELLA CIAO is a lesson in democracy, a historical novel woven from music, sounds and lyrics.



Lucilla Galeazzi: vocals

Elena Ledda: vocals

Luisa Cottifogli: vocals

Alessio Lega: vocals

Maurizio Geri: guitar, vocals

Gigi Biolcati: percussion, vocals

Riccardo Tesi: accordion, musical conduction

double concerto with Motion Trio

Opera house Halle | Universitätsstraße 24 | 06108 Halle