Accordion Mystery (D)

„Duet for an actor and one accordionist - including couch“


Foto: Günter Linke
Foto: Günter Linke

BMW Group Werk Leipzig | 23.09.2017 | 7.30 p.m.

With the novel "The Green Accordion" the American writer Annie Proulx ("Pulitzer Prize" / "Brokeback Mountain") created a true masterpiece. 100 years of American history, dreams and disappointments of the immigrants and the fragile coexistence of a multicultural society - told by a small green accordion made in Sicily in 1890. Today more relevant than ever.

The actor Thomas Rühmann and the accordionist Tobias Morgenstern turned it into a musical noveldrama. It sounds multilingual as the songs and dances of the immigrants. Cajun, Tango, Musette, Ranchera, Polka, Blues. A 90-minute, multicultural art-piece, the exciting duet of an actor and an accordionist - slightly changed. The Two Germans - both from Berlin / East - emigrate to the New World. They enter into the stories of E. Annie Proulx. "La Merica" - between life and death, hitting and stinging, howling and laughing, loud and quiet.



Thomas Rühman: Text
Tobias Morgenstern: Accordion

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