Dr. Bajan (RU/DE/CH)



Puschkinhaus | 16.09.2017 | 7.30 p.m. | auditorium

Named after the Russian button accordion Bajan, which bandleader Nikolai Fomin aka Dr. Bajan sometimes plays in psychedelic manner, sometimes as SpeedFolkProgressivePunk. Under the title "Sovietabilly" they mix Russian kasochok, hardrock, ska, klezmer and jazz with polka rhythms and create an orgiastic Russian rock'n roll.


The texts are Russian, the cast international - a Russian, an Italian Swiss and two Germans. With diverse experience in different genres: the violin shines in classical and gypsy music, the double bass comes from the avant-garde, underlined by Italian folkmusic, and the drums have been drumming exquisite jazz so far. Together, with their self-composed songs, they move old-fashioned musical stereotypes in a provocatively unrestrained way.



Doctor Bajan: bajan, vocals

Christian Runge: violin, vocals

Davide de Bernadi: double bass, vocals

Benny Abalos: drums



Puschkinhaus | Kardinal-Albrecht-Str. 6 | 06108 Halle