Eva Zöllner & Kerstin Petersen (DE)

„Old and new for accordion and organ“


Foto: A & O
Foto: A & O

Ulrichskirche | 17.09.2017 | 3 p.m.

Inspired by the expressive sound possibilities of their two "wind instruments" Kerstin Petersen and Eva Zöllner explore the space between old and new music. Especially for this project, works by contemporary composers for accordion and organ were commissioned, which make a connection towards the music of old masters appear: the Belarusian composer Oxana Omelchuk plays with Mendelssohn's harmony and merges them with noices and jazz. Knut Müller devotes himself to the antagonism of the two keyboard instruments in Giovanni Gabrielis Canzona, transposed to contemporary sounds. Guy Bovet lets slip in a word from composer colleagues at his work “Totentanz”.
The embedding of contemporary works in this classical context and offers an extraordinary listening experience.



Eva Zöllner: accordion 

Kerstin Petersen: organ



Ulrichskirche | Christian-Wolff-Str. 2 | 06108 Halle