Kalàscima (IT)

„Explosive surprise from Italy “


Foto: Sandro Rizzo
Foto: Sandro Rizzo

Objekt 5 | 14.09.2017 | 7.30 p.m. |

Kalàscima is one of the hottest bands in Italy. Internationally celebrated, the group mixes traditional ritual dance music from their southern Italian home Salento with electronic music. The result: Explosive, energetic, captivating. Typical for Kalàscima is the creative use of a variety of instruments from bagpipes, organetto or the darbouka combined with a percussion set, which is both acoustically and optically outstanding,  polyphonic singing, e-bass and loops. Tradition meets future. This intelligent and exciting trance-folk mixture, Kalàscima have already performed at the big festivals such as Roskilde or Sziget. A real tip for the festive opening.


line up:
Riccardo Lagnà: tamburello, percussions, vocals
Luca Buccarella: accordion, Harmonica,vocals
Frederico Langnà: tamburello,riq, bendir, tar, darbouka, kanjira,
djembe, cajon, drum set, vocals
Massimilio de Marco: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, ukulele, vocals
Riccardp Basile: bass, vocals
Aldo Iezza: zampogna (ital. bagpipes), flute, calabrian double flute, thin whistle, shawm, vocals



Objekt 5 | Seebener Str. 5 | 06114 Halle