Moby Dick (BY/CH)

„an audio-visual performance at the historic town pool “


Stadtbad Halle | 17.09.2017 | 6.30 p.m. | town pool

"Madness on the water"

Who does not know the story of Moby Dick and Captain Ahab, a parable of society, power, good and evil. Inspired by the Old Testament, the plays of Shakespeare and experiences of whaling  Melville wrote in 1851 more than an adventure story about the struggle between a man and the White Whale.

In the 1950s John Huston produced a spectacular movie based on the novel of Moby Dick. Now single film sequences will be mixed live to a videocollage and set to music by Yegor Zabelov, currently the most innovative accordionist in the Belarusian off-music scene. Musical improvisation of avant-garde, rock, minimal music and classical sounds that interprets  and transports the selected sequences of the film.
Which venue would suit for such a performance than the unique ambience of the historic town pool of Halle: The hunt between Moby Dick and Captain Ahab watched even from the waterside? Pack your bathing costume! *


Yegor Zabelov: accordion
Artsemi Kalinin: visual jockey

* For those who do not want, or only partially, jump into the water: Of course, chairs are also available. Please note the increased humidity and temperature in the swimming pool. There are also street sweepers available on site.

Stadtbad Halle | Schimmelstr. 1 | 06108 Halle