Rainer von Vielen & Zoe (D)

„Überall Chaos - translated into the German sign language“

Attention change of location: Peißnitzhaus
Foto: Vollmond Konzertfotografie
Foto: Vollmond Konzertfotografie

Peißnitzhaus | 22.09.2017 |7.30 p.m.

Rainer von Vielen take a clear position: against racism, indifference & violence. The song "Tanz Deine Revolution" became one of the hymns of protest movement in Heiligendamm. On stage, voice meets laptop, punk meets hip hop and indie meets world music.


The new album "Überall Chaos" (chaos everywhere) was released in April. It´s about the longing for inner peace, the struggle to overcome everyday life, the feeling of having seen so many things without having gained a kind of deeper understanding. Rainer stands in the middle of all this, with his throat and falsetto singing as well as his accordion. The concert is interpreted live in the German sign language.


Zoe (Zweischufilm) is an excellent interpreter and she has been translating live and on YouTube and Vimeo Channel songs for deaf people for years. She has accompanied concerts by Moop Mama, La Brass Banda and many others. It is a pleasure to watch her translating: rhythm, text and mood are transported equally making the songs a completely new experience.


Line Up:

Rainer von Vielen: vocals, accordion

Mitsch Oko: guitar

Dan le Tard: bass

Sebastian Schwab: drums

Zoe: sign language interpreter



Peißnitzhaus | Peißnitzinsel 4 | 06108 Halle