Trio Akk:zent (AT)

„next generation“

Foto: Nian Wiesner
Foto: Nian Wiesner


Phonokel Halle | 20.07.2016 | 7.30 p.m.

The carelessness of the equally excellent as well young musicians of the trio akk:zent is one of their outstanding features. In this way, they combine the style openness of the accordion and the facet richness of the four saxophones. With a ripe lightness and youthful seriousness they create music, which is probably somewhere on the border or even outside the borders between worldmusic, jazz, pop, new music and techno.


When a groovy Minimalmusic number turns out to be an accordion EDM track, the pop comes around as an ironic jazz, atonal sounds alternate with orchestral sounds, and you don't know whether a tango is now Argentine, French, or even Far Eastern it is called Accordion rock, minimallounge or acoustic ethnofunk.



Paul Schuberth - accordion, composition

Johannes Münzner - accordion, styrian accordion, didgeridoo

Victoria Arrow - saxophones

Phonokel Halle | Große Brunnenstraße 20 | 06114 Halle