Cathrin Pfeifer & Sonny Thet (D/KH)

„global sound voyager“


Händelhaus Halle | 19.10.2016 | 19.30 Uhr

Cathrin Pfeifer is a magician at the accordion. The term “world musician” probably only suits few people better than Cathrin Pfeifer. She is big in the scene and has been playing on international stages for years. The skilled accordionist collaborated with local musicians in Brazil, Argentina, and Zimbabwe and has brought plenty of precious impressions and influences from these projects. Keen to experiment she mixes her souvenirs, such as traditional Latin-rhythms tango, Son or Forró, with blues, flamenco or musette. What emerges is music being as multifarious as the world between Havana and Tierra del Fuego, authentically played by a band consisting of two Europeans and two South Americans.



Accompanied by the congenial cellist Sonny Thet, who began his artistic education at the State Conservatory Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Prince Sihanouk sent him in the early '70s to study European music to Weimar, where he became famous with the worldmusic band "Bayon". As a solo cellist and world musicians he accompanied Rio Reiser, Katja Riemann and other famous artists.

Both musicians weave their very own musical universes to an intense sound experience between classical music and improvisation.


Line up:

Cathrin Pfeifer:   Accordion

Sonny Thet:       Cello



In cooperation with Händel-Haus Foundation


Händelhaus Halle | Große Nikolaistraße 5 | 06108 Halle