Godard | Niggli | Biondini (FR/ CH/ IT)

„contemporary mediterranean alpine chamber music“

Foto: Thomas Radlwimmer
Foto: Thomas Radlwimmer


Puschkinhaus Halle | 20.10.2016 | 7.30 p.m.

A trio "Italy-France-Switzerland", not lost in the narrow mountain valleys, but surfing on to - with a clear view to the Mediterranean Sea.


"When they come together, not only the timbre of the instruments, but all the experiences gained on different paths are melting into a tight interaction. Michel Godard plays with vast knowledge that he could collect on musical time travel between Renaissance, Baroque, contemporary music and jazz. Luciano Biondini lets his outstanding accordion play fly into the spheres of abstraction and at the same time he is grounded in the history of his instrument between popular culture and virtuosity [...]. Lucas Niggli finally, the drummer of the ensemble draws a line from jazz improvisation to the energy of rock music and dealing with contemporary music "writes the jazz journalist and program maker Bert Noglik. There is nothing to add.



Luciano Biondini:  accordion

Michel Godard:     tuba, serpent, e-bass

Lucas Niggli:        drums, percussion



Puschkinhaus | Kardinal-Albrecht-Str. 6 | 06108 Halle