Holler My Dear (D / int)

„the risk to slip on the banana peel“


Foto: ShootEd
Foto: ShootEd

Puschkinhaus | 21.10.2016 | 9 p.m | Theatersaal

Im Rahmen der FreitagNacht!

Where does this exceptional band come from? Producing melodies that cause goose bumps; with their Grandezza that people think to know primarily from southern and eastern Europe; with the ease that - is usually said to have the British - when it comes to pop? The explication: The six musicians come from many directions, geographically and musically. The sonorous voice with enormous wingspan and irresistible enthusiasm belongs to Laura Winkler. Born in 1988 in Graz. Originally from London comes the trumpeter Stephen Moult. In England he played with a hip-hop band and the Alternative Dubstep Orchestra. Drummer Elena Shams and Valentin Butt once came from Russia to Berlin. Sometimes Valentin Harmonica aesthetics remind of French musette, sometimes the multiple award winner is going towards jazz. Lucas Dietrichs home was originally Vorarlberg. He lived for three years in Paris and now he creates the nimble bass lines of the band. The shortest way to Berlin has the Brandenburg Fabian Koppri. Beside mandolin he plays countless guitars and writes occasionally movie soundtracks.


With this mixture, the Berlines throw a party, you can easily dance on. And who could resist the call "Take the risk to slip on the banana peel"  when it´s  presented in so merry confidence?



Laura "louse" Winkler | vocals, composition

Fabian Koppri | mandolin, vocals

Stephen Molchanski | trumpet, vocals

Valentin Butt | accordion

Lucas Dietrich | bass

Elena Shams | drums




Puschkinhaus | Kardinal-Albrecht-Str. 6 | 06108 Halle