Malou mit Cello (D)

„local sound voyager“


Phonokel Halle | 18.10.2016 | 7.30 p.m.

Those who are familiar with “Malou”, the Halle and Weimar-based acoustic pop band, probably know them as a duo consisting of singer-accordionist Andrea Zöllner and guitarist “Scotti” Gottwald or as a band of four with a rhythm group.

Since a while there is one further variation of Malou. Cellist Ilka Griesser extends the duo to an exquisite trio. The sound of the cello adds entirely new possibilities to the songs of the duo since this instrument so nicely matches the atmosphere of their music.

With their wide spectrum of sounds and styles from acoustic pop songs to blues to jazzy chansons in various languages, sometimes even coming up with elements from tango, a concert of Malou promises to be an exciting experience.


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Andrea Zöllner: Accordion, Vocals

“Scotti” Gottwald: Guitar, Vocals

Ilka Griesser: Cello.


Phonokel Halle | Große Brunnenstraße 20 | 06114 Halle