Our Hospitality

"A silent comedy by Buster Keaton" (1923)

Salon Pernod: Thomas Wittenbecher und Patrick Zörner
Salon Pernod: Thomas Wittenbecher und Patrick Zörner

This movie was based on the actual feud between the Hatfield family and the McCoy family in the U.S. of the 19th century.
In “Our Hospitality” the families are called McKay and Canfield. William McKay, sole heir of his clan, visits the home of his family for the first time in his life as an adult. On his way he falls in love with Virginia who invites the kind gentleman to her family home - the Canfield’s. Virginia’s brothers recognize William and their trials to end his life are only inhibited by the traditional rule of hospitality. But this rule only applies as long as William does not leave the house. The unique Buster Keaton runs, swims, and clambers about trying to save his life. The film’s production was also very dangerous. For instance, a rope tore while shooting and Keaton was seized by a rapid. Since the cinematographer had order to keep shooting, no matter what, this scene is also in the movie. The wonderfully absurd picture will be musically accompanied and contrasted by Thomas Wittenbrecher and Patrick Zörner what makes the movie an even greater pleasure.

Thomas Wittenbecher |  accordion and composition

Patrick Zörner  |             guitar



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