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Trio Fisarmonica (DE)

„crossing borders“

Foto: Ute Alhelm
Foto: Ute Alhelm

Zeitkunstgalerie | 15.10.2016 | 8 p.m.

Amazed looks are often the reaction of the audience. "That was accordion music?" And yet - the "trio fisarmonica" consisting of Frances Twardoch, Marius Beier and Christian Waltenberg produces these sounds with only three acoustic accordions, 30 fingers and 651 buttons.

This trio ridicules all habits and the traditional way of playing the accordion and transfers this instrument without any electronic effects to the future. The three accordionists (all former members of LAESA conducted by Lutz Stark) received a 2nd prize at German accordion music award in 2015.



Frances Twardoch | accordion

Marius Beier | accordion

Christian Waltenberg | accordion


Zeitkunstgalerie | Kleine Marktstraße 4 | 06108 Halle

free entrance within Akkordeonrallye

This concert is kondly supported