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Heidi und Uwe Steger

„two in a big city“

Kunstforum | 15.10.2016 | 8 p.m.

What happens, if Harry Potter flies to Monte Carlo, meets the Lord of the Rings and falls in love with the marvelous Amelie? That's when you hear the new program  "Two in a big city" performed by Heidi and Uwe Steger. Playful and orchestral on button accordions from Italy and Russia, on the bandonion and using the various possibilities of digital accordions,
they go on a journey into the world of cinema Well-known and less known sound tracks are lovingly interpreted and blank images in the mind arise.


Uwe Steger                      accordion

Heidi Steger                     accordion


Kunstforum | Bernburger Straße 8 | 06108 Halle

free entrance within Akkordeonrallye

This concert is kindly supported