Landes-Akkordeon-Ensemble Sachsen-Anhalt (LAESA)



Sunday 17.10.2021, 4 p.m., Franckesche Stiftungen


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Fotos: Victor Bolgov

For 23 years, the Landes-Akkordeon-Ensemble Sachsen-Anhalt has been a select orchestra for gifted accordion students in the state. In their home towns, the orchestra members are taught by highly qualified accordion teachers at local and municipal music schools and prepared for the rehearsal phases and concerts. Since its foundation, the orchestra, which is sponsored by the Landesverband der Musikschulen Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., has had more than 130 members. Some of them are highly demanded musicians today and teach this versatile instrument at music schools and universities in Germany and abroad.


The ensemble is an permanent component of the akkordeon akut!.


Every year during the summer holidays the young musicians work on the repertoire for the new season within one week. The focus of their artistic work is particularly on original works by contemporary composers.

After 20 years of successful concert activity, Lutz Stark passed the direction of the LAESA on to Victor Bolgov, who added new timbres and percussion to the ensemble. The following program awaits you:


The programme also includes the "Downland Suite" by the Scottish composer John Ireland, who in the 20th century, in addition to his compositional work was also active as organist, choirmaster and music teacher - Benjamin Britten was one of his successful students - or "Sunfire" by the composer Jens Klimek from Magdeburg. Originally conceived for brass bands, the concert will feature the free version for string orchestra, edited jointly by Geoffrey Bush and the composer himself.


Director: Victor Bolgov


Franckesche Stiftungen| Freylinghausensaal | Franckeplatz 1 | 06110 Halle

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